Too many people dwell on the little miseries - the aches, pains, and disappointments - of everyday life. Joy is not hard to find when you’re open to it – in fact, it’s everywhere, in a hundred little moments, every day. If you’re going through a rough patch, you may have difficulty seeing it. When... Continue Reading →


Going Over

I haven’t written here in so long that I need to put some words down – anything – to try to get myself going again. I’m so rusty that this place feels like a stark white empty room that is screaming to be filled with big squishy couches, colorful tapestries, books and paintings... Where do... Continue Reading →

White Rabbit

I was the queen of efficiency this morning. Wipe down the bathrooms - check. Warm up the car - check. Fill the dog’s water dish - check. I grabbed my tea, gathered up my bags, and Hope and I were out the door, climbing into the car at 8:01 - within my “acceptable window” for... Continue Reading →

Bucket Steps

I’m a couple of months into my bucket list, and I’ve made some definite progress on at least a couple of items. First of all, something pretty great happened right around my birthday in late August. I was offered (and accepted) a full-time job as a grant writer. I had been working as a freelance... Continue Reading →

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

In the beginning, when Anna was recovering at UVA Hospital, her recreational therapists helped her find ways to do the things she enjoyed doing before the stroke. One of the things Anna loved to do was crochet. She was lightning-fast, having learned from her second grade teacher, and had been working on a blanket before... Continue Reading →

Counting Blessings

An unexpected gift dropped into my lap yesterday evening. After finishing dinner, I checked my phone and saw that I had a message. It was from an old friend who now lives halfway across the country, saying she was going to be driving for a couple of hours and had some time to talk if... Continue Reading →

The List

As promised, here’s my list of things I plan to accomplish before ringing in 50. There’s nothing flashy or daring here, but many of the items are things I have put off doing out of fear, so to overcome them would set me on a much happier path for my second act.   My (Halfway... Continue Reading →

Cresting the Hill

I’ve been thinking about how my 49th birthday is coming up, and how I’ve always had a much harder time with the “9” birthdays than with the “zeroes”. Surprisingly, once the zero comes around again and kicks off a new decade, I’m fine. I wonder if it will be the same with the big five-oh.... Continue Reading →


My parents are moving in with us in a few weeks. We’ve been planning it for months, but things didn’t really get rolling until after Christmas, when Mom and Dad headed to my brother’s place in Myrtle Beach. We decided it would be best if they stayed there for the winter while we completed the... Continue Reading →

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