Day 23: The Circle

Life is a continual cycle of attachment and letting go. We begin life attached – literally – to our mothers. At birth, we must leave the familiarity of the womb and enter the world. It begins there and never stops. We leave the breast when we are weaned. We detach further when we are potty... Continue Reading →


My Lenten Experiment: Help!

I read recently that as we age, we come to a point where the workouts we used to enjoy no longer feel good. Our bodies begin to wear down from the repetitive nature of whatever exercise we’ve been doing for years. It doesn’t mean we can’t work out anymore; it just means we have to... Continue Reading →

Day 21: The Wait

No one likes to wait. Whether it’s standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in a doctor’s office, or hanging on the telephone listening to bad instrumental music, waiting is hard. We think about all of the other, more productive things we could be doing. If we are waiting for test results or a... Continue Reading →

Day 20: Ears

I have a lot on my mind tonight and I’m having trouble writing about it. A woman came to me this afternoon and told me some bad news about her dad. She sat in my office and confided in me. I told her some things about my life so that she would know I understood,... Continue Reading →

Day 19: Labelphobia

Workout. Shower. Walk dog. Eat Breakfast. Go to Work. Pick up one daughter. Go home. Walk dog. Start dinner. Receive text from husband who is stuck at work. Leave in a rush to pick up other daughter. Go home. Eat dinner. Load dishwasher. Feed dog. Go grocery shopping. Go home. Put groceries away. Sit down... Continue Reading →

Day 18: A-ha

I started a new job on January 1 of this year. The transition was relatively smooth because I had already been working there for over a year, but still, it was a change. With the New Year came a promotion and a return to full-time work. In the three months I’ve been in my new... Continue Reading →

Day 17: The Violin

My daughter posted a poignant blog entry yesterday about her re-discovery of art after a stroke left her unable to play the violin. In it, she describes how I often tell her, “Never give up” on the violin.  I learned that what I view as offering encouragement, she sees as unwillingness on my part to... Continue Reading →

My Lenten Experiment: Skunk

My then nine-year-old daughter and I walked hand-in-hand across the parking lot, my husband close behind. The entrance to Petco was decorated with banners and there were dogs wearing colorful bandanas. Angels of Assisi, a no-kill shelter in our town, was holding an adoption event. We were just looking, we told Hope. We needed to... Continue Reading →

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