December 26

At Mass on Christmas Eve, Father Joe asked the congregation to take some quiet time at home to study the Nativity scene and see what lessons can be found there. I wanted to take a moment later that night, but the usual whirlwind of preparations for the next morning began as soon as we returned... Continue Reading →


December 19: Repeat

Hope is the age that Anna was when she had her stroke. It feels strange with Hope being at the same school, in the same grade, with many of the same teachers Anna had that year. It brings up lots of old feelings, especially when I’m at the school. Whenever I go down the main... Continue Reading →

December 16

What a difference a week makes. There are presents under the tree, I’ve finished writing half of my Christmas cards, and the pantry is stocked with flour and sugar and chocolate chips and molasses and everything else I need to make goodies. This time last week I was in an absolute panic, but once I... Continue Reading →

December 14

On the night before Christmas at my house when I was growing up, we always left a plate of cookies for Santa. In the morning, only the crumbs remained, and there would be a note from Santa next to the empty plate, thanking us for the cookies. After I grew up and had kids of... Continue Reading →

December 13

I remember a gingerbread house that must have been nearly two feet tall, with a front porch and shutters and a snowy lawn. It was a gift from my college boyfriend. He made it from scratch from a pattern he found in a magazine. I had mentioned in passing one Saturday when we were shopping... Continue Reading →

December 11: First Christmas

Paul and I met the day after Thanksgiving, 1992. (Click here for that story: A week later, we went out to dinner – our first official date. Since it was only a couple of weeks until Christmas, our conversation turned to the holidays. He mentioned that he didn’t have a Christmas tree. I noticed that it... Continue Reading →

December 9

Paul is in the office taking a final. I don't want to disturb him, so I'm pecking this out on my Kindle. Short and sweet tonight. Hope and I are watching "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town". It's the part where they're singing "Put One Foot in Front of the Other". I just remembered something... Continue Reading →

December 8: Grinchy

I am just not feeling it this year. Christmas is a little over two weeks away and I haven’t done anything besides decorate the house. It’s not for lack of trying; it’s just that everything I try to do somehow doesn’t work out. Take our Christmas card, for instance. I wanted to do something weird/funny... Continue Reading →

December 7

Seriously, this whole college application process is driving me crazy. And I don’t even have to do anything except enter my payment information when Anna is ready to hit the “submit” button. I’ve never been one to wish time away, but I really wouldn’t mind going to sleep tonight and waking up in the summer... Continue Reading →

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