Vacation, Day 1

It was definitely starting to feel like the vacation that was doomed before it began. I got home from the ER at around 2:30 a.m. last night, so I didn't get to bed until after 3 in the morning. Paul and I woke up at around 8:00 this morning - two hours later than we... Continue Reading →


Hit the Road, Macs!

Just a quick post to say we’ll be on our way in the morning if all goes well. I am hoping that all will go well. We seem to be a little off kilter still – not sure what is going on with us, but something’s up, no doubt. Maybe it’s stress, or just bad... Continue Reading →

Vacay Delay

Sometimes you just know you need to take a step back and let the universe reset. That’s the message I received loud and clear today. Our two-week road trip to New England was to begin tomorrow. Things were going pretty much according to plan until this morning. Then things stared to go wrong. Not terribly... Continue Reading →

Keep Doing What You’re Doing

I finally found a job that I love last spring. I get to tutor middle school kids in reading and writing. I work during the school year, pulling small groups of students during their normal English class periods. We go to the library (or to a converted storage room during standardized testing) and read aloud... Continue Reading →

T-minus 57 Days and Counting

I was convinced we needed to move. Get out of this one-horse town and find a big city. At least, something bigger than where we are now. This place felt so small. I was suffocating. The question was: Where? We’re lucky in that Paul works for the Federal Government, so he would be able to... Continue Reading →


We’re leaving for vacation in five days. We’ll be gone for nearly two weeks and, aside from our first two nights just outside of New York City, we haven’t booked a thing. We took a similar trip two summers ago. We went west for two weeks, with our ultimate destination being DeSmet, South Dakota. We... Continue Reading →

T-minus 65 Days

The past couple of days have reminded me of summers from long ago when the kids were little. We’ve run errands together, signed up for the Summer Reading Program at the library, and spent afternoons coloring at the dining room table. That last one might sound a bit odd, but we’re not coloring Care Bears... Continue Reading →

Our Last Summer

It sounds so ominous: Our LAST Summer. Like we’re all going to die. Yet that is how Paul and I have been referring to the next two months. “Let’s do something special for vacation because it’s OUR LAST SUMMER.” “Maybe we should get down to Florida to see the family since this is OUR LAST... Continue Reading →

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