Moving Day

When Anna had her stroke in 2010, after a couple of weeks at Roanoke Memorial, she transferred to the Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center at UVA for eight weeks. The first week she was there, Paul stayed with her and I was at home taking care of Hope (we switched from week to week.) I remember... Continue Reading →


The Road to You

Anna leaves for college in eight days, and while I know she is ready to go, I’m not sure she knows she’s ready to go. I am sensing in her some level of regret over her high school years – maybe that she missed out on knowing certain people, or trying a particular club or... Continue Reading →

Why Blog?

Though I’ve been blogging for a couple of years, there is a lot I don’t know about how the whole thing works. To remedy this, I signed up for a “Blogging 101” class through WordPress. Unfortunately, the class began last Sunday, the day we left for Florida on a quick four-day vacation, so I didn’t... Continue Reading →

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